Does your business require help in making Salesforce®️ do what you know it ought to?
Look no further as we can do everything for you!
From something basic like making a custom answer to customising by writing custom code using Apex and Visualforce!

What’s involved?

With our skilled and certified developers, your company’s system can be given limitless potential, performing tasks well outside of Salesforce’s standard range, and adapting your system to the needs of your unique business or industry.

Ranging from Apex triggers and Visual Force pages, all the way to custom .net web applications, Cloudalyze provides custom development projects to allow your business to run effectively and efficiently. By adding complex functionality and integrating Salesforce®️ with other applications, your system can be tailored to perform industry-specific functions with ease.

We can help


Cloudalyze offers you Salesforce®️ CRM Customization services

that helps you easily adapt Salesforce functionality.

We customize your Salesforce requirements

with the bespoke solutions offered by our certified

Salesforce consultants. Our services help you save cost and time.

We incorporate advanced and automated functions or develop the usefulness of your current Salesforce®️ CRM arrangement through effective custom application improvement.

We make Visualforce pages, Apex classes, Triggers, Batch classes, Test classes and do various types of customization as per your needs.

We offer a scope of custom advancement answers which suits your business needs.

We create applications following the App-Exchange security guidelines.

Write code using apex programming language for application logic and web service APIs for integration support.

Stringent testing, which requires test cases with more than 75% code coverage.

Access to existing data objects for info as leads, contacts and opportunities and addition of new objects to persist new data and provide a model for Security of data and application.