Are you looking for
higher business

Are you in the
lookout for smarter
ways of efficient
resource allocation?

Do you find it
difficult to manage
factors that can
impact sales and
demand directly?

Are you still using
traditional ways of data
management and
record-keeping and not using salesforce’s
new features?

If you answer YES to any of these questions

then you should look forward to optimizing your business.

Salesforce®️ has transformed the traditional ways of data management and customer record-keeping. It has discovered smarter ways of efficient resource allocation for ensuring higher business growth.
In some industries change is constant and sometimes it becomes hard to manage factors that can impact sales and demand directly.

What’s involved?

  • Creating an interactive roadmap which defines and documents your existing processes.
  • Understand how your business and competitive landscape changes and tailors your marketing campaigns to meet the specific pain points of your customers for improved services and valued deliveries.
  • Understanding the structure, flow and sources of your data and making it easy to manage sharing throughout your organization teams. Also ascesses the integrity and usefulness of the data which is inside your salesforce instance.
  • Sales driven revenue is a key to business optimization and we at cloudalyze follow 3 simple steps to get you there:
    • We define your Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) using object facts and data. Based on these your team will be able to focus on the right channels to attract leads.
    • Create a data driven roadmap
    • Find insights about your business and provide innovative solutions that help your team engage themselves more into your business.
  • Conduct an audit of your existing system and identify best practices gaps, technology gaps, Integration architecture gaps and build a recovery plan which benefits your business and saves time and cost.
  • Exploring new salesforce features and functionality you may not be exploiting.

We can help


Understand your pain points such as Low adoption rates by Sales Team, Lack of opportunity attribution, Inaccurate Data, Distorted Application Architecture and much more.

Identify Best Practices Gaps, Technology Gaps, Integration Architecture Gaps and provide a recovery plan.

To facilitate Lead Management and Opportunity Attribution.

Re-architecture your implementation and give a 360 view of your business.

Implement a continuous enhancement and support program to improve the Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, CPQ, Service Cloud and External integrations.

Identify the bottlenecks and bridge the gap between sales and marketing team to generate more leads with a human touch.