Break the banking status quo.
Create a CRM experience that’s aligned with what your customers/members
would expect from meeting their banker in person.
With Salesforce®️, it’s never been easier to deliver seamless sessions that customers love,
in real time and across any device.

Client’s challenge

One of our clients is a leader in retail banking. Their products are designed to meet end-to-end needs of all types of users. They needed to rethink on their old models to better support customers and adapt to a fast-changing market, analyze operations and refocus channels. They needed to streamline their service operations and save time, cost and resource barriers.

Cloudalyze’s solution

Salesforce’s cloud solution implementation provides scalability with complete visibility and collaboration across the business. Our client was familiar with our capabilities, and as we began working with them, we were involved with the top management in the company to conduct an audit of an existing Omni-channel application built on Salesforce®️ platform. At Cloudalyze, we have a team of Salesforce certified experts. Cloudalyze planned a phased design and implementation of various Application functions that would eventually add up to create a robust Prospect to Compensation tracking toolset, that would leverage Best Practices and Out of the Box features. We provided a more collaborative, low cost, flexible, maintainable and rapidly scalable solution.

Cloudalyze built a conceptual functional architecture to identify the various functional process entities and how they relate and interact with each other to define an underlying data structure that would support the application infrastructure. We provided a complete visibility and collaboration across business, among everyone from tellers to private banking to service operations. It had a complete view of customers’ profiles, households, interactions, campaigns, financial accounts, and more, making it truly easy to segment clients for relationship banking services like investments, insurance, and personal banking.

We were also up with a secure and trusted mobile platform using which customers had
access to all the services which were available on the traditional systems.

Impact on client’s business

Now the client has a more powerful and efficient system. With the implementation of Salesforce®️ for their business has a new model to support customers and adapt to the fast changing market. Use of cloud computing solutions has saved time cost and huge resource barriers.