Simplify the mortgage and lending process with instant access to
the information you need in one central location.

Available on any device, agents can work on the go to deliver exceptional service,
and give customers/members what they want even faster: keys to a new home. Salesforce®️ CRM that’s the name. Salesforce offers a single,
comprehensive solution for loan officers. It gives managers a simple faster and
more effective way to manage their data.

Client’s challenge

One of our client who is an online mortgage banker who offers discount mortgages had a crisis when its major channel changed its existing model to pay-per-click model. Our client needed a cost-effective model for capturing leads. During this time, the mortgage lending business started on a downward trend. For their survival, they needed and more efficient sales process, marketing process and needed to leverage the online model. With many online and offline sources, they didn’t know which lead generated more sales.

Cloudalyze’s solution

At Cloudalyze we analyzed their unique requirement and came up with a plan. We implemented Salesforce®️ in response to their pricing changes of its channel partner and customized its instance to fit the needs of the mortgage industry. We continued to customize their application as needed with the AppExchange®️ builder. We also integrated their communication medium with Salesforce®️ so that we can capture data related to all their telephonic conversations. Also, we gave them solutions for direct data access to other loan originating systems.

Impact on client’s business

Within months of implementing Salesforce®️ for their business, the company increased its loan production without an increase in the marketing costs. Our client started a new operation and became a leading mortgage leader in the internet space within three-quarters. The company now has unprecedented real-time visibility into new leads, which are marked, tracked, flagged, and distributed immediately to the appropriate segment specialists.