Client’s challenge

As the market for commercial and residential real estate development began to improve, a leading manufacturer of building materials needed to develop a sales transformation plan that would help it grow and take market share from its key competitors. Without a current sales system in place, they didn’t have the capacity to seek out new opportunities, and were potentially leaving money on the table. What the company sought was a truly innovative business transformation plan enabled by a next generation CRM solution built on the latest Salesforce®️ cloud technology with robust mobile capabilities. The company was very much aware that its existing processes and systems was outdated and inflexible. Big changes were called for and there was no time to waste.

Cloudalyze’s solution

The company’s leadership was familiar with our capabilities, and as work began, we engaged with the CIO, COO, SVP of Sales, CMO, and the president of the firm’s international division to begin the sales transformation process. The Cloudalyze team included specialists in Salesforce®️ technology, business transformation, business integration, and change management. We also took advantage of our India-based Solution Delivery Centre, to enable faster delivery of our plans at the lowest possible cost. We started with an in-depth and collaborative analysis of the current-state environment, using our unique and high-impact strategic visioning workshop methodology. With this, we gathered internal client perspectives and feedback by helping to run workshops, participating in ridealongs, and assisting in completing a voice of the customer analysis to understand the pain points and practices that needed to be addressed.

Next, we assisted with a software evaluation and vendor selection effort to help choose the appropriate sales force automation solution that aligned to the future vision. Once that selection was complete, we conducted more cross-functional future-state design sessions to help execute on the future vision and strategy. As part of the process, we also went straight into prototyping, basing our work on those future-state scenarios and creating usable tools in Sales Cloud within a short time That important step established our vision for key stakeholders in a truly tangible way.

Today we are moving into Salesforce®️ process and systems design. The integrated program will follow an agile delivery methodology, which we co-created with the client to align with its internal methodologies while incorporating our leading practices from our delivery framework. The work has been broken down into sprints that yield working prototypes so the solution can be refined. The sprints address core functionality spanning a 360-degree view of Customer Data (accounts and management), Sales Opportunity Management, Marketing Automation, Sales Reporting and Dashboards, Territory Management, Sales Training and Change Management, Mobile Applications, Employee Social Networking and Collaboration, Sales Content Management, and integrations with legacy applications and databases.

The goal to find a leg up in the marketplace for the client with an information advantage that provides a robust source of construction job leads and related sales opportunity data in the industry. But that’s not the end of the story. Now that the company is finishing their sales transformation, we are in discussions to support their long-term roadmap. The task ahead is to connect the dots between sales and other business tasks to enable a full-force transformation that integrates the front and back offices.

Cloudalyze’s team includes management and technology consultants spanning our Customer Impact, Change Management, and Salesforce®️ practices. Our job is to help make the company more agile and flexible and help it embrace changes in social and mobile technologies with a streamlined end-to-end business process.

Impact on client’s business

Today the client has a more efficient and customer-centric sales force. The sales team has the current tools it needs to manage its sales workflow through Salesforce®️ technology. The work has resulted in double-digit productivity gains, a better overall customer experience, more customer loyalty, and up to a 50% reduction in overall sales administration time. The sales force can now make hundreds of calls each week and is well positioned to capture more market share. Going forward, we anticipate that the work on the thorough transformation of the company’s front-office capabilities will provide the expected benefits and opportunities for growth for years to come.